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Los Angeles amputation injury attorney can assist this worker whose finger was partially cut off with a sawWhen a person loses a limb either in an accident itself or due to amputation after the accident — it is a catastrophic and life-altering injury, which causes severe emotional and psychological trauma. The Los Angeles amputation injury attorney at Cherepinskiy Law Firm works diligently and fights zealously to obtain compensation for those who have lost their limb or limbs in an accident.

Based on the data from the National Limb Loss Information Center, in the US alone, almost 2 million people live with some form of limb loss. An accident that leads to the loss of one or several limbs has the potential to deprive people of their work, careers, and the ability to live independently and carry out basic activities of daily living. Even the loss of one finger can ruin someone’s life. For example, a pianist who loses a finger may no longer play the instrument. This firm works hard on behalf of those victims who lost their limbs due to someone else’s negligence.


Mechanical Causes of Amputation and Loss of Limb


Typically, a person can lose a limb or limbs as a result of an accident itself (e.g. when the impact is so severe that it tears the limb off) or when the accident necessitates an amputation (e.g. due to an infection). Amputation involves the partial or complete loss of a foot, leg, arm, hand, finger, toe or the loss of multiple limbs. From the medical standpoint, the most common reasons for amputations are as follows:

  • Physical Trauma: Based on the statistical data from the National Limb Loss Information Center, almost half of all amputations are caused by physical trauma. Frequently, motor vehicle and construction accidents result in severe crushing, severing, and mangling of limbs which is so severe that it damages limbs beyond repair.
  • Infection: Some infections become so serious that they lead to gangrene (a life-threatening condition caused by the death of body tissue due to either a lack of blood flow or a bacterial infection). In such cases, if the affected limb is not amputated, the person can die.
  • Blood flow interruptions: When the accident interferes with a person’s blood flow to a certain limb or extremity (e.g. prolonged pressure of a heavy object) – it leads to ischemia, the death of body tissue (gangrene) as well as the death of bone (necrosis). As a result, the amputation becomes a necessary life-saving measure.


Typical Accidents Resulting in Amputation and Loss of Limb


The following are common accidents that may cause the loss of a limb themselves or require an amputation due to severe injuries:


Transportation Accidents



Work-Related Accidents



Other Incidents & Accidents 



Adjustment and Rehabilitation After an Amputation


x-ray showing an amputated leg of a person who requires assistance of a Los Angeles amputation injury lawyerFollowing an amputation, various rehabilitation therapies and accommodations are essential. With the help of multiple and long-lasting therapies, adjustments, and modifications, it is possible to lead a productive and happy life even after the loss of a limb or limbs. The road to recovery, however, is very arduous and it demands significant financial expenditures. In some cases, amputations may cause unwanted complications such as incision site infections, as well as the phantom limb syndrome (the ability to feel sensations or even pain in an absent limb or limbs).

The Los Angeles amputation injury lawyer at Cherepinskiy Law Firm is ready to work tirelessly to achieve adequate compensation aimed to restore the quality of life for those who lost their limbs as a result of someone’s negligence. The following are some of the techniques and adjustments, which are used for loss of limb victims:

  • Physical therapy: One of the reasons for the necessity of such therapy is muscle weakness, which is the consequence of reduced mobility. Physical therapy provides necessary exercises, which serve to restore and increase muscle strength in order to compensate for the absent extremities. Additionally, rehabilitation therapies help amputation victims with learning how to use their prosthetic devices (artificial limbs).
  • Occupational therapy promotes rehabilitation through the performance of various activities of daily life.
  • Prosthetics – modern prosthetics have become significantly more adjustable, comfortable, and technologically advanced than older versions, which enables more people to use prosthetic devices. Some prosthetics cost tens of thousands of dollars, and they need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.
  • Vocational rehabilitation enables amputation victims to learn new skills, trades, and professions as well as apply their existing skills in new employment environments. In other words, this kind of rehabilitation helps with finding new and gainful employment following an amputation. Unfortunately, some professionals – such as musicians, actors, and athletes – cannot earn anything even close to what they were earning before they lost their limb or limbs. In such cases, vocational rehabilitation may not be sufficient to restore their earnings, and they need the help of a top amputation accident lawyer in Los Angeles to be compensated for their loss of earning capacity (i.e. the pre-accident ability to earn income).
  • Counseling: The shock, grief, and emotional trauma caused by the loss of a limb due to an accident or an amputation is overwhelming. It frequently leads to low self-esteem and depression. Counseling is a very useful tool in overcoming these severe emotional and psychological obstacles, and promoting a mental adjustment to the post-amputation life.
  • Modifications (Home and vehicle): Some amputation victims are unable to function independently without expensive vehicle and home modifications, which range from handlebars to electric lifts and ramps.
  • Attendant care: In some cases, due to age or other physical or mental impairments, amputation patients are not able to successfully undergo physical rehabilitation and / or use prosthetics. They experience significant challenges with mobility and other activities of daily living and require the help of attendants and caregivers, which is extremely costly.


What Damages Can be Recovered in Amputation Injury Cases?


Victims of amputation injuries can claim the following two main types of damages: Non-Economic and Economic damages. In some situations, those who have suffered an amputation injury may potentially seek Punitive Damages. For cases involving future care, the Los Angeles amputation injury attorney at Cherepinskiy Law Firm retains top expert physicians, life care planners, and economists to evaluate clients’ needs and present the best case on their behalf. A detailed discussion of the recoverable damages is included on the Personal Injury Damages page of this website.


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The Los Angeles amputation injury attorney at Cherepinskiy Law Firm will work hard to obtain compensation from the wrongdoers whose negligence caused victims’ loss of limb. This firm has everything it takes – expertise, skills, resources, access to the best experts and medical specialists – to investigate and pursue cases towards resolution.

If you believe someone’s carelessness caused you or your loved one to lose a limb or limbs, please call or fill out an electronic contact form today to request a free consultation. Cherepinskiy Law Firm, as the Los Angeles amputation injury lawyer, will work zealously and compassionately to ensure you are compensated for your injuries and losses.

This firm fights for clients throughout California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, as well as Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.



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